TICKET - Apollo Brown’s Beat Life III feat. Stu Bangas
TICKET - Apollo Brown’s Beat Life III feat. Stu Bangas

TICKET - Apollo Brown’s Beat Life III feat. Stu Bangas

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Apollo Brown returns to Europe with the third installment of his newly annual Beat Life tour.

After last time‘s mesmerizing run with Wu Element­­ producer Bronze Nazareth, Apollo is set out to bring you a little more dirt and grit this time around.

For Beat Life III, Boston based Producer Stu Bangas fits that mold.

Most of you will know of Stu Bangas who has been an integral part of the underground hip hop scene for more than a decade and most of you will be aware of the huge body of work he’s created over the past 10 years and essentially all of you will have nodded, bumped or banged your head to one of his tracks whether you knew it or not.

Stu Bangas is a driving force behind some of the undergrounds best albums and anthems such as Beats & Blood, Cannibal Hulk, Machete Mode and Watson & Holmes.
He also drops some first class production for your favourite artists like Jadakiss, Vinnie Paz, Apathy, Sean Price, Chino XL, Method Man and MANY more.

As usual, this will be a night filled with good BEATS and simply good MUSIC.

“Just imagine that you’re all my best friends; you’re at my house, in my living room, chillin’ to some good HipHop. Bring your friends, have a drink or two, and let's all vibe out".
Good BEATS can make any night better, so your presence is urged.“
-Apollo Brown-


Timetable :

19H00 : Doors

19H30 : Defi J

20H40 : Philanthrope

21H00 : Apollo Brown feat. Stu Bangas

22H30 : DJ Dysfunkshunal

01H00 : Closure



Apollo Brown 

► YouTube : https://bit.ly/40bv03k

► Instagram : https://bit.ly/3YaSaFe

► Facebook : https://bit.ly/3XLDIUp

Stu Bangas

► YouTube : https://bit.ly/3wNfzAQ

► Instagram : https://bit.ly/3WTtpMI

► Facebook : https://bit.ly/3XVakej


► YouTube : https://bit.ly/3jREUqr

► Facebook : https://bit.ly/3DUNOKA

► Instagram : https://bit.ly/3RLiSCt

DJ Dysfunkshunal

► YouTube : https://bit.ly/3Ycw4lF

► Instagram : https://bit.ly/3wLCCMs

► Facebook : https://bit.ly/3YgEsR4

Defi J

► YouTube : https://bit.ly/3XWExtL

► Instagram : https://bit.ly/3WX4aZW


► Website : https://melodiggerz.be/

► Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/melodiggerz/

► Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/melodiggerz

► Youtube : https://youtu.be/0vPQXqrighA